26 December 2018

A good old fashioned Boxing Day enlivener is one of those #momentsofchristmas to refuel and revive for the day ahead.

For country walks or visiting friends you’ll need a go-to-cure for your hazy head. To get you back in the game, feeling right as reign, we’ve crafted a hearty tipple made from a plethora of time honoured ingredients.

Our Red Snapper is the superior cousin of the classic Bloody Mary, made with gin instead of vodka, and designed to put some vim and vigour back in your life.

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26 December 2018

Make the moment of Christmas card writing a relaxing and indulgent experience. Take the time to pen some thoughtful words to friends and family while savouring the flavours of a festive cocktail.

Our fresh and invigorating Clementine Copa will help bring our the wordsmith in you.

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18 December 2018

Full from the feast of the day it’s time to dust off old board games and set up the table for one of the most competitive #momentsofchristmas

The simple pleasures of classic games can’t be beaten, a time for tactics and cunning as you outfox your auntie, collude with your cousin or demand a rematch with your dad.

As you move round the board be sure to take a chance on our twist on the classic Christmas drink… The Improved Snowball. It’s guaranteed to get you back in the game.

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14 December 2018

Craft making trinkets, for your home or for friends, is one of the #momentsofchristmas to make the season merry and bright.

Whether crafting bespoke baubles, wreaths, cards or garlands take time for yourself with our fruity and flavoursome Berry G & Tea.

Made with our classic No.171 gin this festive tipple will help you spread good cheer this season.

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13 December 2018

The old fashioned is a drink which was traditionally made with American whisky and in the modern era has become the go to drink for showcasing the complexities of many other brown spirits.

A white spirit such as Directors Cut No. 4 gin is perhaps a little more unusual to find in an Old Fashioned style drink. Here we have used a maple syrup to sweeten the drink rather than the more traditional sugar syrup which echoes the caramelised maple and honey parsnip notes found in the gin.

A great one to sip around the fireside after dinner.

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12 December 2018

Make the #momentsofchristmas card writing a relaxing and indulgent experience. Take the time to pen some thoughtful words to friends and family while savouring the flavours of a festive cocktail.

Our fresh and invigorating Clementine Copa will help bring out the wordsmith in you.

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11 December 2018

Gift-giving is one of the most joyful #momentsofchristmas. So as you spend a cosy night in, hidden away from peeping eyes and wrapping heartfelt presents to be discovered under the tree come Christmas morning, be sure to treat yourself to an indulgent tipple or two.

So for the #momentsofchristmas when you’re snipping, sticking, folding and twirling, we recommend our Portobello Road Gin Aexander cocktail.

Why the curious spelling we here you cry? Well it’s Christmas so there’s no-el (sorry!).

The Aexander is like a sweet treat after dinner dessert, made with gin, cherry liqueur, double cream and spoonful of mince pie mincemeat.

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7 December 2018

Christmas shopping is perhaps the marmite of #momentsofchristmas; but whether you adore or abhore it, there is a universal consensus that a post-shopping cocktail is a requisite.

So for that moment of Christmas when the shopping is finally finished and you’ve ticked off the last gift from your list, we’ve created the aptly titled Sarah Jessica Parsnip.

Made with our new limited edition festive gin, ‘A Parsnip In A Pear Tree’, it’s the perfect cocktail to help you relax and unwind.

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7 December 2018

Christmas is all about friends, family, food and drink so while you’re dusting your gingerbread men or preparing your mince pie mix be sure to take a moment for yourself.

A festive cocktail is your just rewards for making and baking and our Candy Cane Copa is the perfect tipple to see you through till dinner.

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30 November 2018

For our version of the Martini we have replaced the traditional dry vermouth with the little know but delicious French fortified wine Pineau de Charentes, which tastes kind of like a combination of dessert wine and Cognac. Keep it in the fridge, you only need a little bit to make this drink, so you can enjoy a glass of it on its own, before lunch or after dinner… maybe alongside the cheese board!

Martini style cocktails are the drinks where one can really appreciate the intricacies of a gin. This one is a little sweeter than a traditional Martini but the sweetness is somewhat tempered by the drinks icy coldness. We wrap together a strip of parsnip and a twist of lemon peel and pin it with a cocktail stick for an elegant garnish which compliments the flavour of the drink.

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