Moments of Christmas: Alexander Noel
11 December 2018

Gift-giving is one of the most joyful #momentsofchristmas. So as you spend a cosy night in, hidden away from peeping eyes and wrapping heartfelt presents to be discovered under the tree come Christmas morning, be sure to treat yourself to an indulgent tipple or two.

So for the #momentsofchristmas when you’re snipping, sticking, folding and twirling, we recommend our Portobello Road Gin Aexander cocktail.

Why the curious spelling we here you cry? Well it’s Christmas so there’s no-el (sorry!).

The Aexander is like a sweet treat after dinner dessert, made with gin, cherry liqueur, double cream and spoonful of mince pie mincemeat.

Alexander Noel


37.5ml Portobello Road Gin (buy here)

15ml Peter Heering Cherry Liqueur

10ml Single Cream

10ml Milk

1 Bar spoon mincemeat





Shake all the ingredients thoroughly with ice and then strain the drink into a stemmed cocktail glass. Dust with freshly grated nutmeg and garnish with holly leaves and red currants.