The Bees Knees
9 April 2020

To describe something as ‘the bees knees’ is to say that it is exceptional and whether the phrase hails from this very drink or not, the bees knees cocktail is exceptionally delicious.

First documented in the 1920s in prohibition era USA, the drink is later mentioned in David Embury’s 1948 cocktail book, ‘The Fine Art of Mixing Drink’ and though his observations were less than glowing, the drink has survived as a popular short drink. Depending on the honey used in the drink, you can pleasantly arrive at slightly different versions of the drink and though sweet, it gives a beautifully floral character to the citrus lead cocktail.


50ml Portobello Road Gin (our Celebrated Butter Gin works delightfully well in this recipe too: Shop here)

20ml fresh lemon juice

10ml honey water (1:1 equal parts water and honey, mixed well)

Garnish with a dried orange slice


Shake ingredients in a cocktail shaker and fine strain in to a coup glass. Garnish with dried orange slice.


If you are yet to pick up a bottle of Portobello Road Gin from your local in-store stockist, keep an eye out for our Bees Knees promotional neck tag on selected bottles. Made from wild flower seed paper, you can plant your neck tag which will then grow in to wild flowers to help support the bee population.

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