Blue Pea Spritz
15 November 2018

In crafting our signature serves we seek out only premium ingredients, spirits and mixers that compliment and showcase Portobello Road gin’s exquisite mix of 9 time honoured botanicals.

Blue Pea Spritz is a classic aromatic, effervescent serve perfectly suited as an early evening aperitif. An intriguing blend combing bitter herbs and citrus flavours, this drink has both kick and complexity. Named after the delicate flower that gives off such a vibrant colour we recommend a garnish of cucumber and edible petals to create a showstopping sipper.

Blue Pea Spritz


40mls Portobello Road Gin  (buy here)

20mls Luxardo Bitter Bianco

200mls Fizzy Blue Water*

*Take a spoonfull of blue sugar pea flowers and some diced cucumber, steep for one minute in still mineral water, pass through a sieve and then carbonate the blue water in a soda stream.


Pour all ingredients over fresh ice into a large wine glass, garnish with cucumber ribbon and edible flowers.