Directors Cut No. 4 Copa
26 November 2018

We often think of a Gin and Tonic as a summertime drink but the Christmas time flavours of Directors Cut No. 4 lend themselves very well to tonic water. For this one we have paired it with Fever Tree’s Ltd Edition Clementine Tonic which is available in good grocers throughout the festive season. A Christmas Gin with a Christmas tonic! Perfect.

We compliment the parsnip flavours in the gin with a strip of raw parsnip and add a touch of Christmas colour with a merry sprinkling of red-currants.

Directors Cut No. 4 Copa


50 mls Director’s Cut No. 4  (buy here)

200 mls Fever Tree Clementine


Fill a large Copa or Balloon glass with nice big solid ice cubes, pour in the gin and then slowly add the tonic, taking care not to let it fizz up too much and thus preserving its effervescence. Then add strips of parsnip peel, cut with a vegetable peeler, and a sprinkle of red-currants.