Falling (g)in love with Valentine’s cocktails
14 February 2020

We love any excuse to mix up some new cocktails and whether thats a Hallmark holiday or celebrating a Saint, we’ll raise a toast. We’ve put together some delicious gin serves this Valentine’s Day so whether you’re acknowledging 14th February or just happy its Friday, these are for you.

When two ‘picon’ one

If you need some gin like you’ve never needed gin before (don’t pretend you’re not a Spice Girls fan), then this cocktail, using Amer Picon, is the one for you. Using our Navy Strength, it has a delightful salinity to it that perfectly compliments the (baby, scary, ginger, posh & sporty) spice of the ginger beer.

30ml Portobello Road Navy Strength (BUY)
15ml Amer Picon
25ml Orange Juice
Top Ginger Ale beer

Build over ice in a tall glass and garnish with a sprig of mint and a cherry


Blushing Lady

Not just for the ladies, this zesty cocktail is perfectly pink and packs a pretty punch using our classic London Dry.

40ml Portobello 171 London Dry Gin (BUY)
20ml Pampelle grapefruit liqueur
20ml fresh lemon juice
1 egg white
Zest of orange

Reverse dry shake (shake first over ice and then remove ice and shake again), fine strain into a coup. Garnish with an orange zest.


Romeo & Juliet

Is there a greater (or more morbid) love story than that of Romeo & Juliet? Well we’d argue that this collaboration between Portobello Road Gin and Mark Knopfler, creating our Local Heroes No.3 gin is the stuff of true love.

35ml Local Heroes No.3 (BUY)
20ml lemon juice
20ml egg white
5ml extra virgin olive oil
15ml sugar syrup
10mls Olorosso Sherry

Add ingredients to shaker without ice, dry shake, then add ice to shaker and shake again. Strain in to a Nick and Nora glass.
Garnish with five drops of olive oil on to top of drink and a mint sprig.