Temperance White Logroni
16 January 2020

Allow us to rhapsodise upon Portobello Road Temperance Spirit. Now, we like a drink as much as the next man, more so sometimes, but there are days when we are looking for something with all the character of a great alcoholic spirit but with perhaps a little less of the intoxication. So we invented Temperance; a drink designed to be used in place of gin or vodka in any of your favourite mixed drinks or cocktails. At 4.2% alcohol it contains just one tenth of the alcohol of our classic Portobello Road Gin, which means a Negroni like this one contains a mere 1.28 units (14.4% abv) of alcohol, about half that found in our classic Negroni.

In this drink we have also subtly changed all the other ingredients, so instead of sweet vermouth we use the peerless French aromatised wine Lillet Blanc and instead of the familiar red hue of Campari you will see that we have used the clear bitter aperitif from Luxardo. A Negroni like no other you would have tried before but one that we think is delicious.


25ml Temperance

25ml Lillet Blanc

25ml Luxardo Bitter Bianco aperitif


Orange wedge


Build over ice & stir in a rocks glass, garnish with a wedge of orange. Enjoy!

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