The Distillery production line turns to hand sanitiser
24 April 2020

In March of 2020, in the wake of Covid-19, our production line turned from gin to hand sanitiser. Along with lots of other distilleries around the world, our team answered the call of front line workers and began work on World Health Organisation regulation hand sanitiser.

The sanitiser produced by our Head Distiller and Co-founder, Jake Burger, has gone to the thousands of front line police men and woman for the Metropolitan Police Force. Jake and the team have put in many hours to get the recipe right and source all of the ingredients and resources needed to produce the sanitisers in this difficult time.

Fortunately, many Distilleries have been able to turn their production lines to sanitiser relatively quickly as they have the right paperwork in place and experience of handling ethanol (The neutral alcohol used for gin making is highly concentrated ethanol of agricultural origin.)

Not to be used in place of hand washing but when hand washing facilities are unavailable, the World Health Organisation lists alcohol based hand rub as being the safest and most effective sanitiser. Hopefully it goes without saying but gin is not an effective substitute(!)

A big thank you to Jake and the team for all their hard work and of course to all essential workers working to keep everyone safe at this uncertain time.