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Jake started bar tending the day after his 18th birthday, and quickly immersed himself in the culture of bars and cocktails. Quickly obtaining a bar manager position Jake found himself as one of the leading figures of influence in Leeds burgeoning bar scene and by the time he joined the opening team for The Townhouse in 1998 had already established  his name in the industry on a local and national level. During 5 years of running the cocktail bar at The Townhouse Jake saw his reputation grow and during this time enjoyed  no small degree of success on the British cocktail competition scene, perhaps most memorably as the winner of the £10 000 Smirnoff Penka Diamond. It was also during this time that he became friends with Ged Feltham­ the founder of Leelex Ltd owners of neighboring bar Oporto. When Jake’s time at Townhouse came to end he joined Leelex  and in 2004 the company opened Jake’s Bar and Grill. Jake’s was an overnight success and quickly established itself as one of the favored Leeds haunts for the cocktail aficionado and the more discerning modern drinker. Winner of numerous awards and just as popular as ever, Jake’s is now something of an institution on the Leeds bar circuit. On the back of this success the company went on to open The Portobello Star in London’s  Notting Hill. In 2011, after Jake vacated the flat above The Star, the top two floors were transformed into The Ginstitute and The Still Room; London’s second smallest museum is  dedicated to educating consumers about the history and production of gin and offers a unique opportunity for the guests to create their own unique recipe gin. Around this time Leelex launched Portobello Road London Dry Gin. The creation of the recipe and the the  branding was a project chiefly overseen by Jake for Leelex Ltd and Jake now spends his time as Portobello Road Gin’s and The Ginstitute’s lead Gin Instructor.

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