Forged from Ice & Fire!
12 April 2019

Game of Thrones is back (finally!) and we’re ever so excited here at 186 Portobello Road. Us ‘Gin Maesters’ (sorry) have spent The Winter creating a range of Game of Thrones-inspired drinks that even Robert Baratheon would be proud of and will have you drinking like a Khaleesi at your home-viewing party.

Each cocktail is prepared with ingredients straight from a Tyrell’s potions cabinet and served in vessels fit for the true Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, whoever they might be.

Valar Morgulis



50mls Portobello Road Gin

3 dashes of absinthe

20mls lemon juice

100mls tonic water

sprig of rosemary, sprig of lavender

Method: Shake all the ingredients except the tonic and double strain into a drinking horn packed with crushed ice. Top with the tonic water. How to serve? Dripping with blood on a bed of broken flowers, of course.

Winter is Coming



50mls Portobello Road Gin

5mls limoncello

25mls Grand Marnier

Juniper berries, cassia bark & nutmeg

Method: Set alight, toss from flaming cup to flaming cup and then fling into a large warmed brandy balloon and serve with a flame bright enough to keep a White Walker at bay.

Kissed By Fire



50 mls Portobello Road Gin

200mls tomato juice

one bottle of dark ale

the contents of one whole egg

pinch of cayenne pepper

A Generous slug of Tabasco Sauce

Method: Pour the mixture from one cup to the next with a little crushed ice and then strain the whole thing into a blown dragon egg and serve on a bed of fire.

The Lion & The Rose



35mls Portobello Road Gin

25mls Abor Gold wine (any Sauternes will suffice)

1 spoon Rose’s lime marmalade

1 individual drop of rose water

20mls egg white

Method: Shake & strain into a Dragon goblet and garnish with a rose.

Mother’s Mercy



25mls Portobello Road Gin

17.5mls crème de cacao blanc

2 scoops vanilla ice cream

25mls full fat milk

12.5mls Cocchi Americano

Method: Blend the whole lot with a little ice and then pour into a pomegranate-molasses ‘blood stained’ milk bottle.